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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Why choosing a professional company and not ask a neighbour or somebody else to look after my property?

We can provide you a guarantee for our services to be delivered on time and in an excellent quality. All our employees are registered for social security. Our company is insured for any damages occuring during our work.

  • In which area is Mani Hospitality Service offering its services?

We are offering our services in the area between Kalamata and Platsa (West Mani)

  • How does the company pay his employees?

Our employees are paid according to the state salary scheme for cleaning staff and are all insured for social security.

  • I am not interested in a full package but need your staff for a single time. Is this possible?

Yes, just let us know what your needs are. We will organize an employee for you on a hourly rate. The minimum time is three hours. 

  • Can Mani Hospitality Service help me to find the right real estate agent, architect or builder?

We have contact to many companies in the area and can recommend you professionals according to your requirements.

  • Can the company support us during the building process?

We know the challanges while building a house on not being able to be on site. That's why we offer a conctruction supervision. We function as your representative to deal with architects and builders.

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