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We, Bettina and Michael Weil

Austrian nationals, moved in September 2020 to Rigklia, Mani, to fulfill our dream and to live permanently in this beautiful area. Since many years we spent every holiday here.

Having both an education in hospitality management in Austria we have worked for more than 20 years internationally in five star hotel management positions respective in office management positions of key companies in Germany.

In 2016, when we bought our plot and planned our house, we were thinking about who will look after it. These thoughts brought us to the idea of founding a company which takes care of all aspects a holiday house owner in the Mani is worrying about.​


Bettina, Julian and Michael Weil

We ensure...

that the services we are delivering are not based on one single person with the existing risks, but on a company which takes full responsibility for it.

our employees are paid well above Greek minimum salary standard and are all registered for tax and social security.

full service – no worry guarantee for house owners as we take care of all your needs. 

we deliver our services on time with a quality which you are looking for.

our services are transparent, documented and communicated to house owners including checklists, pictures, bills etc.

as a company we are fully insured for all damages which might occur during maintenance and cleaning processes.

our multilingual team has a professional background in hotel management, cleaning services and administration.

strategic partnerships to building companies, architects, real estate agents and various craftsmen.


We love what we do, and we take care of your home as it would be ours.


We know what you, as a demanding owner, expect in regards of management, service and cleanliness, which is what we deliver.


We have built trust and loyalty in our previous jobs, from our business partners, guests and employees, this is the least what we can offer you.

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