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This is what we provide

Property Management

Your property

We manage each property as if it was our own. Key holding, maintenance, pool,  gardening, security. We will exceed your expectations.

You have invested a good sum into your new second home here in the Mani and now you want to be sure someone takes really good care of your investment.  

Either your idea is to use it soley for yourself and have a carekeeper while you are away or you are looking for a return of investment by renting it out partially or full time. 

​We, a family run company, with 30 years experience in international hotel business and since 3 years successful with our company, manage each property as if it was our own.

Your aim is to have a "no worry package" and your expections are high. Be assured we will exceed them!

Our management

  • Key Holding - we keep your house key locked in a professional safe.​

  • Regular house visits - we are frequently checking your house. House airing, technical check, cleaning ouf outside areas, pest control and security check

  • Property Management Software - all our checks are registered in our software and you as a house owner can monitor our visits including checklists, chat function, alert reports and pictures.

  • General Maintenance & Repairs - minor repairs, regular electrical check, check of water pipes, AC filter check & change, heating system check, solar panel cleaning, collection of repair offer, order confirmation and control of works

  • Pool Maintenance & Cleaning - we check pool pump, chemicals, measure ph-value, pool cleaning in operation, pool deep cleaning

  • Gardening - watering your plants, cutting of bushes and trees, weed removal, cleaning paths and places, firewood service, olive trees harvesting/cutting

  • Bookkeeping - payment of water & electricity bills, yearly tax statements

  • Security - regular security visits, emergency visits, storm inspections

  • 24 hours Emergency contact - we are available anytime, you and your guests can call us day and night in case of an emergency. With our hands-on approach we will immediately start solving any problems which might occure.

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