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Cleaning Service

Your property

Exceptional cleanliness without compromises.

You expect a immaculate clean and welcoming house once you arrive for your holidays, do not want to worry about your garden, your pool or if the fridge is filled up. 

You have invited friends to use your house or rent your house partially or fully to guests. Your expections are that all of them feel welcome and enjoy a perfectly cleaned and set holiday house. 

Mani Hospitality Service is your partner who understands your needs. With cleanliness there are no compromises and hygiene & sanitation are even more important in these times. 

We offer ecological cleaning products, professional equipment and highly trained employees.  

Our Cleaning Service (service is offered only as part of property management or rental  service) 

  • Seasonal Cleaning / Spring Cleaning (in combination with property management or rental service) - window cleaning exterior & interior, wooden floor sealing, stone floor polishing, mattress airing, curtain cleaning. terrace and pool deep cleaning, pool set up, technical check (AC filter, heating, electricity, water, plumbing, refrigerator)  

  • Seasonal Cleaning / Winter Setting (in combination with property management or rental service)- locking of equipment, technical work (electricity, water, AC, heating, cleaning refrigerator etc), mattress cover washing, matress airing & flipping, terrace winter setting, pool winter setting

  • Departure cleaning (during rentals) - cleaning of house - inside & outside, filling up guest supplies, linen & towel change, laundry service, pool cleaning, food purchases (if requested), inventory control

  • Arrival Service (during rentals) - dusting and vacuuming, floor washing, - house & terrace, pool cleaning, inventory control, food purchases (if requested)

  • Fresh up Service (during rentals) - Linen & towel changing, floor cleaning, garbage clearing, bathroom &  kitchen cleaning

Our 5 Hygiene & Sanitisation Standards

  • Application of professional cleaning procedures - according to international standard cleaning procedures 

  • Usage of professional chemicals - Floor & Furniture, glass, toilets, bathroom, kitchen chemicals  

  • Usage of proper cleaning materials  -  for example color coded microfiber cloths for different areas and for the respective chemicals (to prevent cross - contamination)  

  • Application of sanitiser solution for high touch points - for example bathroom, toilet, surfaces, tables, door handles and knobs, light switches and so on 

  •  Regular training and supervision  -  technical training, theoretical and practical training, on the job supervision

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